American Legion Auxiliary

  Post 161

  • President Casey Rigerman
  • 1st Vice President Charlene Orr
  • 2nd Vice President Regina Montgomery
  • Secretary Diana Grosz
  • Treasurer Lynn Cody
  • Chaplain Robin Ayers
  • Historian Regina Montgomery
  • Sgt. at Arms Mary August

What We Do

American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) members and volunteers step up to advance our mission of service to veterans, military and their families! Our annual volunteer service is worth nearly $2 billion!

This past year alone, ALA members:

Volunteered more than 10 million hours in mission service, with 5.8 million hours dedicated to serving veterans at home, in hospitals, and in shelters; and helped 865,200 active-duty military families.

Raised and donated nearly $45 million for mission service, with $5.5 million raised from Poppy Program donations, $2 million awarded in scholarships, and $45 million spent aiding military families.

Over the years, The American Legion Family has influenced considerable social change in America, won hundreds of benefits for veterans, helped military families through transition and produced many important programs for our country’s youth.

Today, ALA members across the country are helping military families cope with the effects of multiple deployments. The toll on our all-volunteer force and their families has been enormous. The Auxiliary’s efforts are focused in three primary areas:

  • Veterans/Military Support & Advocacy
  • Family Support
  • Youth Development

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